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Synonyms for moderateness

avoidance of extremes of opinion, feeling, or personal conduct

Synonyms for moderateness

the property of being moderate in price or expenditures

quality of being moderate and avoiding extremes

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This has been the tactical position adopted by some poets whose modernism consists in an aloof moderateness or sensibleness in all directions--a studied inaction--and by others who have had neither the courage nor the capacity to go the whole way with modernism and yet have not wished to be left behind'.
Davutoglu said that Turkey refuted the claims that democracy would bring chaos and radicalism to the region, adding that Turkey showed that democracy could bring development and moderateness, and that there was no need for autocrat regimes to settle a stability.
The moderateness of the government is shown by its sensitivity to deficit, decision to maintain the SBI rate at 6.
oAll of us are responsible for spreading our culture and moderateness in the world.
moderateness, he said and noted that the conference sessions touched on
David Robertson Cameron praises Canadian moderateness.
8) Indeed since that little book perhaps fell into the hands of a few, and it could not be understood by those who do not know German, it appears again in this place to serve the public utility, and [to address] an error not yet extinguished in the Church of Christ, according to my moderateness either to suppress them or at least to render them suspect.
They preserve its independence, sovereignty and characteristics of diversity, moderateness and openness, emphasize the meanings of belonging to it, and drive the Lebanese diaspora around the world to be attached to it and promote its credibility in the region and the world.