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The evening also feature From Lollywood to Bollywood and Back moderated by Asif Noorani; 1947:The Blood-stained Dawn moderated by Asif Farrukhi; Names: A Study of Personal Names, Identity, and Power in Pakistan by Tariq Rahman, moderated by the Athar Tahir; A History of Pakistan Literature in English 1947-1988 by Tariq Rahman, moderated by David Waterman; Historical Dictionary of the Sufi Culture of Sindh in Pakistan and India by Micheal Bolvian, by Yaqoob Bangash; Tareeqat: Seven Elements of Living Sufism in Pakistan by Kamran Ahmed,moderated by Sarwat Mohiuddin.
Latin questions--are moderated by Deacon Jim Scheer, who claims no specialization, but has some knowledge of the language and access to a library.
Session 4 on Civil Engineering Applications will be moderated by Bob Large, Ohio EPA.
Co-hosted by Skadden, Arps and Connolly Bove, and moderated by Matt Cohen, Skadden counsel, and Kevin Brady, Connolly Bove counsel
Three ingredients for a highly productive workforce will be examined in a session moderated by Elvira Monteleone of Huntsman Polyurethanes.
Investing in Open Source: VC Panel," moderated by Gary Rivlin, technology reporter, The New York Times, with panelists from Matrix Partners, Accel Partners, Worldview Technology Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners.
Moderated by Tony Henning, Managing Editor of the Mobile Imaging Report: with Olivier Attia, CEO, Scanbuy; Simon East, CTO & Founder, Cognima; David Amato, Director of Sales, Mobile Products, Arcsoft; Dr.
Tuesday, October 5 - Vice presidential debate, moderated by Gwen Ifill
Money Makes the Market: Experts Touch the Hotspots," moderated by Tony Perkins, creator and editor-in-chief, AlwaysOn
Moderated by analyst and writer Leslie Ellis, this panel examines competitive and cooperative relationships involving third-party VoIP providers and cable operators.
Current Developments in Prime Brokerage", moderated by Robert
Airways, have contributed (along with the general economic slowdown) to an increasing city unemployment rate, although figures in the last few months have moderated somewhat.
The Central Florida Economic Development Panel will be moderated by John Krug with the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission.
Who is the Urban Internet Audience," moderated by Guy Primus, executive director of Urban IQ, will center on identifying the urban market online today.
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