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intermediate in size

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Over-seasoned and over-cooked, the burger had the density of a moderate-sized collapsing star
While there is a low probability of building collapse for typical structures in moderate-sized earthquakes, significant damage is not uncommon, which can result in costly repairs," Daniel O'Brien, geographic information systems and earthquake program manager for the State Emergency Management Office said.
Using the locations of moderate-sized quakes to estimate where "The Big One" will eventually strike may not work for all regions, a new study reveals.
King broke the pounds 100,000 prizemoney barrier last season with 13 winners from a moderate-sized team, and this season his string has been boosted to 30.
Zanoni estimates that a moderate-sized dairy would generate about 550 reportable events each year (such as selling bull calves, culling cows and excess heifers, and recovering escaped cattle).
The fan drive is designed for use with moderate-sized fans with outputs up to 20 kW.
In a strong validation of his strategy to reconfigure and reposition the world class office building at 623 Fifth Avenue (formerly known as Swiss Bank Tower) to meet moderate-sized space requirements of elite financial firms and service providers, owner/developer Charles S.
for-profit sites, independent facilities and moderate-sized chains vs.
There is a distinct potential for future fish kills considering that pathogens are always present, temperatures are normally at levels that can cause disease and, under the 2002 BO (biological opinion) flow prescription, a moderate-sized run of salmon and steelhead can generate high enough fish densities in the lower Klamath River to result in a major fish kill.
Thomas More, a moderate-sized faith community in Oceanside, California, where more than 100 parishioners have been certified in adult CPR and instructed on the use of AEDs.
Significant savings are also possible on moderate-sized projects.
When Desmond's backing band The Aces took to the stage, an only moderate-sized Ronnie's gathering was lounging around in a somewhat flattened mood.
The massive upheaval, spotted by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory spacecraft, followed a moderate-sized solar flare.
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