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a disease that attacks the gum and bone and around the teeth

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NSPT and surgical periodontal therapy has been shown to have equal clinical outcomes in terms of probing depth reduction, clinical attachment levels, and less bleeding, especially in patients with 4 to 6 mm pockets and moderate periodontitis.
The available diagnoses found on the patient charts include: gingivitis, slight periodontitis, moderate periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis.
The results of this study showed that the serum concentration of estrogen was statistically significantly higher on 14th day, that is Preovulatory phase and there was gingival inflammation ranging from gingivitis to moderate periodontitis depending upon the host defense and hormone concentration varying from person to person.
Serum was evaluated for levels of total cholesterol, TG, HDL, and LDL among the different groups of healthy/gingivitis patients, with moderate periodontitis and with severe periodontitis adjusting for confounding factors.
Out of which moderate periodontitis constitute the highest portion of population (41.
5-20% of population suffer from severe generalized periodontitis, though mild to moderate periodontitis affects a majority of adults.
This view of a particularly high prevalence of periodontal diseases appears to have originated from early epidemiological studies using an index system that gave weight to gingivitis and moderate periodontitis resulting from poor oral hygiene and calculus deposition.
Mean pocket depth for each subgroup showed that all subgroups had moderate periodontitis but when that added to mean gingival recession, the attachment loss was about 7mm i.
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