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In another study investigating the neuroprotective potential of antioxidant/hypothermia combinatorial treatment on striatal medium-spiny neurons (Hobbs and Oorschot, 2008), if the brain weight or striatal volume been used as the sole measure of neuroprotection, the efficacy of the antioxidant, in combination with moderate hypothermia, would have been undetected in the short-term experiment (i.
Light to moderate hypothermia may go unnoticed, so use the buddy system when out in the cold.
The Reprieve(R) System enables the rapid induction of mild to moderate hypothermia in a conscious patient.
Winkel, who has Alzheimer's disease, was taken to Antelope Valley Hospital, where she was treated for moderate hypothermia and released, according to sheriff's officials.
Sam was taken to the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, east London, with moderate hypothermia and was said to be recovering well.
by the side of Willow Lake and treated/stabilized her for moderate hypothermia.
2002) demonstrated the effectiveness of neuroprotection in rats with moderate hypothermia (33[degrees]C) induced 180 minutes after middle cerebral artery occlusion and 1 hour after reperfusion in rats with an extended duration of hypothermia for 5 hours (p < .
Searchers carried Carter - who Miller said was suffering from moderate hypothermia - about one-half mile to a vehicle that transported him to an ambulance.
People with moderate hypothermia can often be confused or their attention span is affected - they become weak with a loss of co-ordination, and have slurred speech and uncontrollable shivering.
2]), high pressure (mean 60mmHg), and non-pulsatile perfusion with moderate hypothermia was achieved.
The current general consensus seems to be that with moderate hypothermia (down to 30[degrees]C-32[degrees]C) the alpha-stat method is preferred while with deep hypothermia (below 30[degrees]C) the pH-stat method may be preferred to better maintain cerebral oxygenation.
David Adelson, MD, and fellow researchers determined that induced moderate hypothermia initiated after severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a safe therapeutic intervention for children.
Last night Sam, who suffered moderate hypothermia, was in the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, east London.
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