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(from a combination of MOdulate and DEModulate) electronic equipment consisting of a device used to connect computers by a telephone line

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With the initiation of the modem "price wars" in the late 1990s, modem and modem chipset manufacturers started looking for ways to lower the component cost.
8S Internal modem provides transmission rates of 28.
32 bis) is the top-selling modem type, because it will automatically downshift when it encounters a slower machine.
Michael Banks (author of the Modem Reference) seems to have summed these ideas very well.
Shared Access Modem Sharing Kits allow for the pooling of modems on the LAN so that any user can dial out from the LAN.
Using Radicom's proprietary RadiLink(TM) protocol, the WHM900 RF Modem Module can be conditioned to automatically maintain a connection.
As the latest addition to Socket's modem offerings, the Socket SDIO 56K Modem Card includes new speed and features to provide mobile users a fast and reliable alternative where broadband or Wi-Fi connections are unavailable.
Modem Media, which retains its name, will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digitas Inc.
44 standards(1), the USB/Serial 56K External Modem can connect to any PC using either a USB or serial cable.
With demand for high-speed Internet access increasing, many of the world's leading cable TV operators have invested heavily to upgrade their cable infrastructure in order to provide cable modem services," said Mike Paxton, a senior analyst with In-Stat/MDR.
11 mobility software and software-defined radio products, today announced that Conexant has acquired PCTEL's soft modem operation.
0 certified modem from Toshiba that uses both advanced time division multiple access (A-TDMA) and synchronous code division multiple access (S-CDMA) protocols.
Silicon Wave, a leading supplier of integrated circuits for Wireless Personal Area Networks, today introduced the single-chip SiW1712(TM) radio modem designed exclusively for integration into mobile phones using CDMA-compatible chipsets with integrated Bluetooth(TM) baseband.