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a person who creates models


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Engineers can concurrently lay out structural framing by simply picking building supports, and Revit's parametric building modeller automatically creates relationships between and among the building elements.
For as little as $149 monthly for a single annual subscription charged to a major credit card, US subscribers to Revit's parametric building modeller have access to all upgrades and maintenance, instructor-led Internet-based training and toll-free customer support.
Common 3D modelling requires a high level of craftsmanship from the modeller and each object often has to be approached uniquely in the capture and finishing phases.
The agreement means that 3D modellers will have a new method of creating models for web sites and other media using Cult3D, over traditional packages such as 3ds max, Maya and ImageModeler.
IT was full steam ahead in Holmfirth at the weekend with the hosting of the Huddersfield Railway Modellers exhibition.