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a person who creates models


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Vice President of Development at Kubotek, and Chief Architect of the KCM geometric modeler, compares mutexes to the classic gas station bathroom key: Imagine a service station that serves hundreds of travelers per day, and in that service station, there is only one restroom available.
The goal of SMQ is to encourage, inspire, teach, and share with modelers through feature articles on unique and interesting subjects spanning the full spectrum of the scale modeling hobby.
Additionally, MajescoMastek has become an associate of the ISO Electronic Rating Content program, providing integrated ISO-based business rules, loss costs, and forms logic to the STG Product Modeler Version 5.
Plus, power outages cause by Irene played a factor in estimating insured loss--which varies between modelers.
Although some of the critics now say the modeling picture maybe wasn't as bleak as they initially thought, cat modelers aren't taking any chances.
com) Enterprise Frame Work solution, the company's new TeamWork software allows modelers to work independently in sessions and integrate their work into a master knowledgebase for the entire team.
After a conceptual geometric model is created and imported on the CAD workstation, it is sliced into horizontal layers that are downloaded to the modeler.
Most application developers will benefit from performance improvements in both 3D ACIS Modeler and 3D InterOp.
The development strategy of the latest version of Plug&Score Modeler resulted from existing customer feedback, suggestions and surveys, analysis of the current market environment and industry trends.
The cat modeler intends to review model assumptions annually to reflect changes and new science, VanderMarck said.
The second track of the product strategy will be a new free-form modeler aimed at designers and stylists that will debut this fall.
Like CASEwise's other products, Corporate Modeler and ERP Modeler, e2-modeler was built to be enterprise ready.
And the two companies will both market the "Total Plastics Solution" combining Moldflow's analysis products with Matra's CAD software, especially the Strim surface modeler.
participants in the IPCC assessment, climate modeler Michael C.
Kalido, the active information management company, today announced the industry's first visual business modeler for business intelligence (BI).