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a person who creates models


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Additionally, MajescoMastek has become an associate of the ISO Electronic Rating Content program, providing integrated ISO-based business rules, loss costs, and forms logic to the STG Product Modeler Version 5.
com), the industry leader in modeling technology, announces M13 Stompbox Modeler, an all-in-one stompbox experience featuring sought-after stompbox sounds and an easy-to-use looper in a brawny box that's built for the stage.
Although some of the critics now say the modeling picture maybe wasn't as bleak as they initially thought, cat modelers aren't taking any chances.
After a conceptual geometric model is created and imported on the CAD workstation, it is sliced into horizontal layers that are downloaded to the modeler.
The new modeler gives BI professionals a common view of the business that promotes understanding and information accuracy, while for the first time delivering one consolidated view that can be understood by all participants and managed from a single platform.
Several sessions at the RIMS annual conference focused on recent violent storms and how risk modelers are desperately retooling models to prepare for more frequent and severe storms.
Developed for electronic products that continue to shrink in size while growing in complexity, Board Modeler has proven to be a huge success in Asia's fiercely competitive consumer electronics market.
About the size of a large copier [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED], this new modeler marks the company's first foray into the office environment with a modeling machine that produces no excessive fumes, heat, or noise.
participants in the IPCC assessment, climate modeler Michael C.
the industry's leading business process management (BPM) company, today announced that more than 100,000 people have downloaded the process modeler since it was made available for free at www.
In addition to the professional team report, each modeler submits a detailed document providing the commission with substantial information required by the commission.
CA) today announced that IBM has used AllFusion Erwin Data Modeler to conduct a study and produce a white paper on data modeling techniques for Linux environments on IBM eServer z900 and S/390 hardware.
Boulder, Colo, Graftek, for instance, intends to adopt a new "kernel" solid modeler, called ACIS, for users wanting more than wireframe, Hotchkiss says.
It's no wonder we have problems," says atmospheric modeler Slingo.
InVision([R]) XT 3-D Modeler debuts at RP&M (RAPID) in Detroit -