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Unlike the standard ten-finger keyboard, Modality is specifically made for use with one or two fingers or thumbs.
In 2016, we brought to the market the first completely vendor-neutral, Enterprise-class DICOM Modality Worklist leveraging industry standards DICOMweb and FHIR at its core, and best-of-breed DICOM and HL7 workflow engine.
In 1972, prior to enactment of the Medicare ESRD program, 40% of the 4,953 persons receiving dialysis in the United States were utilizing a home modality (Qamar et al.
4 If you are accredited in several modalities, you will need a different provider number for each modality (e.
Severe attack at the last leaf to modality 3 conditions caused significant yield reductions following the latter's role.
A delegation of the IAEA inspectors recently had a visit of Iran to harmonize about the details of a modality regarding the Iranian nuclear program," he told reporters in Madrid on Wednesday.
Our aim was to explore how these children of nursery school age identify emotional information, by comparing their perception of emotions presented auditorily (via the speaker's vocal information), visually (by facial expressions), or simultaneously through the combined auditory and visual modality.
The title of the dissertation was "The Modality of the Verbal Infinitive Absolute in Biblical Hebrew," which is worth noting if only because the title of the published volume is more accurate: this book is as much a study of modality in Biblical Hebrew as it is of the infinitive absolute.
The deal includes Sectra's mammography-modality operations worldwide, excluding Australia and New Zealand where Sectra will continue to sell and service the MicroDose mammography modality under a distribution agreement with Philips.
The transaction comprises Sectra's mammography-modality operations worldwide, except for Australia and New Zealand where Sectra will continue to sell and service the unique MicroDose mammography modality under a separate distribution agreement with Philips.
In order to study the modality effect (and other cognitive load effects) in its processes, it is essential to measure cognitive load as directly and objectively as possible.
In addition to speech acts and alternation in discourse, this study examined modality in detail, which has a close relationship to pragmatic factors.
Dutch Royal Philips Electronics (AMS:PHIA) will buy the global mammography modality business of Swedish communication and medical systems provider Sectra (STO:SECT B) for EUR57.
My main focus is on the interpretations of the modality of the expressions in question.