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Speaking to FNA at the end of two days of talks between Iran and the IAEA in Tehran this week, Soltaniyeh said the new round of talks between Iran and the UN agency were aimed at defining a specific framework for a modality plan.
The first argument is that the paronomastic construction does not automatically or simply emphasize the verbal idea of the governing finite form (as is frequently assumed in translations that render the infinitive as "surely"), but that it rather serves equally or perhaps even more to emphasize the modality of the finite form.
Modality is a semantic category which has a strong relationship to the meaning of modals.
Traditionally, studies of modality have been based solely on verbal constructions, concentrating in the main on Indo-European languages (Koskinen 1998 : 12).
The four choices of screening modality offered in the study were colonoscopy, double contrast barium enema, flexible sigmoidoscopy, and fecal occult blood testing (FOBT).
The research question explored in this study was: What are the effects of modality (text, audio, or dual) on the achievement and attitudes of college students learning a software application through the computer?
Allowing a choice of modality for demonstration offers students an opportunity to show their preferred modality, provides performance-oriented, authentic demonstrations of objectives and increases the possibility that information and skills are retained longer by students as they learn to transfer knowledge to their preferred mode and then use it in a way that makes sense to them.
Their kinesthetic modality significantly discriminated between creative and noncreative students in art, and the tactile modality significantly discriminated between creative and noncreative students in drama.
This distinction affords Steinberg his conclusion: "the trapezoid is, daedally speaking, the ineluctable modality of the visible.
The modality used by a particular patient may be influenced by clinical factors, convenience of use, availability in the patient's area, and other considerations.
sensory and perceptual modality impairments), through dysfunctions of internal processing mechanisms (i.
Global ePRO innovator makes it fast and easy to select optimal ePRO modality for collecting patient data during any clinical research phase
These two modalities are established in the market today, with PET-CT being the standard of care in oncology and SPECT-CT an upcoming hybrid modality currently being used mainly for cardiac scans.