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the most frequent value of a random variable


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The number of oral intakes per day was recorded as a histogram, from which modal values and range could be observed.
to infinitives, where the introductory complementizer for adds an extra modal value, are never possible in these contexts (see Bresnan 1979; De Smet 2007).
We will discuss in order: the modal value of the middle finite (Section 2.
The point we want to make here, however, is that the modal value of the middle finite cannot be reduced to one of the traditional modalities.
In middles without overt modal auxiliary like (59) the VP has in a similar way acquired the dynamic modal value of "not letting".
In the previous section, we argued that the modal value of the finite can best be characterized as a "letting" force dynamic relation.
16) Taking into considerations the modal value for C[P.
14 The modal value appear even more useful to us than the (weighted) mean.
This leads to the situation we find in present-day English, with subjunctive that-clauses practically a relic, their function as markers of modality having been undertaken by sentences where the modal value is expressed analytically (i.
1982), Sanchez-Cardenas (2005) and Moran-Angulo (2009), but only the first of these authors found a bimodal distribution for TL, with modal values of 18.
Moreover, the appearance of new modal values of ya in these contact varieties is also following universal grammaticalization tendencies in which temporal markers increasingly acquire more modal functions (Traugott & Konig 1991, Gonzalez 1999).
Plungian (2001: 354) argues in favour of the distinction between evidential and modal values and notes that grammaticalization of the notion of reliability yields what he terms "'modalized evidential systems'".
In addition to describing the categories and listing the codes used in the microdata files, table 1 shows the mean, median, and modal values of the highest grade completed, conditional on each value of the new question.
The assignments are the same as the median and modal values for each category of grades, except for first through fourth grades, fifth and sixth grades, and seventh and eighth grades, each of which category is assigned a value at the midpoint of its range of values.
Price generally defines law as a cultural ordering of relationships among individuals, reflecting modal values held by members of a group.