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an auxiliary verb (such as 'can' or 'will') that is used to express modality

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The modal auxiliary voima, 'can, may, be able' and modal verbs saama 'can, be able' have impersonal paradigms, as illustrated by the present forms voidakse and saadakse.
The modal auxiliary pidama 'must' is often singled out as defective because it lacks impersonal forms.
The sole exception to this syntactic account is pidama, which patterned with other necessity modals historically but has subsequently grammaticalized into a modal auxiliary that permits a nominative subject.
However, the point that a modal claim is made rather than a statement about a specific state of affairs applies also to the middles without overt modal auxiliary.
Middles with negative polarity and without overt modal auxiliary construe the same force dynamic pattern.
In middles without overt modal auxiliary like (59) the VP has in a similar way acquired the dynamic modal value of "not letting".