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Synonyms for modal

an auxiliary verb (such as 'can' or 'will') that is used to express modality

relating to or constituting the most frequent value in a distribution


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Intensive marketing measures to position the fiber in textile applications and Tenzing's constant technological development subsequently led to the success of the modal fiber category.
Another notable finding in this study was that for nearly half of all patients who initiated SSRI therapy at high modal doses, the prescriptions were written by internists or general physicians.
Frequency in the corpus Modal Instances /10,000 words SHALL 475 51.
Yablo discusses several problems with the standard 'static' semantics including the epistemic modal 'may/might' and proposes a dynamic semantics in the style of Veltman's update semantics (for defaults).
Banco Modal is also eyeing an acquisition the Brazilian subsidiary of Africa's Standard Bank Group Limited (SBK.
Callaham's second argument, with regard to the independent infinitive absolute, is that it can stand in for any finite verbal form in a modal context without expressing any difference in nuance from the finite form: "[T]hey are capable substitutes for finite verbs by communicating a verbal idea and functioning modally" (p.
Using the new data, Hammer and his team were able to pinpoint the geographic distribution of a genetically more resolved Cohen Modal Haplotype and tease apart a multiplicity of male lines that founded the priesthood in ancient Hebrew times.
The existence of impersonal forms of most modal elements shows that impersonals are active indefinites, not passives, since modals almost universally resist passivization (see, among others, Aissen, Perlmutter 1983; Burzio 1986; Wurmbrand 2004).
Just as tonality was to supply a "sense of centered subjectivity" for Mozart's compositions in the eighteenth century by establishing certain goals and expectations for their musical rhetoric, so did modal structures account for the logical flow and cohesiveness of sixteenth-century works.
Although much more needs to be done to show how Tallis and Morley's modal theories and practices relate to Byrd's, Harley is quite right to consider them given the absence of theoretical writings by Byrd himself.
The first modal premium suit, protesting that premium totals weren't clearly disclosed in policies, was filed in 1999 by attorney Floyd Wilson against Mass Mutual.
Lenzing makes a fiber with registered trademark Modal Rayon, a special viscose rayon, which is made on a modified viscose system -- a different process.
We attached a flower called a Bittersweet Nightshade to the stinger of The Modal Shop's electrodynamic shaker with integrated amplifier, called the SmartShaker.
This book advertises itself as an exploration of the world-time parallel, that is, the parallel between the modal dimension, on the one hand, and the temporal dimension, on the other.
Lenzing has presented its new COLOR and BLACK Modal fibers.