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Synonyms for mockingly

in a disrespectful jeering manner

in a disrespectful and mocking manner

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Under the altar was a fragment of a marble column; this was the seat Christ sat on when he was reviled, and mockingly made King, crowned with a crown of thorns and sceptred with a reed.
The grand coalition, mockingly dubbed a "GroKo" in German, didn't start as a "love marriage", her designated vice chancellor and finance minister, the SPD's Olaf Scholz, drily observed this week.
He wrote, 'I grew up in a society where the very term 'hijra' was, and still is, used mockingly to question masculinity; where the transgender community was seen as freaks of nature: to be indulged for a quick, nasty laugh; paraded, perhaps at weddings for entertainment, but never respected.
In a tweet, Kapoor had mockingly asked the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to send its cricket team to play the finals as they had send their hockey team or a kho kho team to play in their previous match as their 'father' will be playing them.
The film is directed by Francis Lawrence who last work with Lawrence in 2015's "The Hunger Games: Mockingly - Part 2.
While others mockingly checked on his well being after the incident.
Only we and security guards will be left behind, he said mockingly.
Guawish's arrest comes days after the detention of two Egyptian media figures for mockingly handing policemen condom balloons on 25 January 2016.
He mockingly plays down the significance of these tunes ("I didn't even know Toy Story was a cartoon ") but delivers its famous tune You've Got a Friend In Me like he really means it.
This study ran for 50 years and repeatedly reported that over 20 years of active smoking causes no immediate harm or later loss of life expectancy and I mockingly drew the obvious inference from this that passive smoke will still kill you - but not for about 500 years
Firstly banished, in principle, to the jumps course, then in reality to the Tapeta, it is struggling to cling on to its heritage and, mockingly it feels, is 'previously known as the Pitmen's Derby' if you care to believe the racecourse's website.
Hodges's unit includes an enlistee from Harvard, mockingly nicknamed "Senator," a "pissant crybaby" who loses a leg yet gains a hard-won wisdom.
The United legend had admitted that his joking teammates had given him plenty of stick since he was handed the top job on Tuesday and they also mockingly questioned where he would now park his vehicle in the team car park.
Guys, gear up for Ranveer," Kapoor had said mockingly alluding to the frenzied fan reactions during the festival.
The West Ham skipper has come in for stick from the Upton Park crowd and some home fans even mockingly chanted, "Off, off, off" when Nolan was yellow-carded.