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Synonyms for mockingly

in a disrespectful jeering manner

in a disrespectful and mocking manner

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As she was boasting now of her piety, so she had boasted then of her lost faith and hope, and had mockingly declared her free-thinking opinions to be the result of her ill-assorted marriage.
She laughed mockingly, and went about washing the dishes.
And when Apollo heard it, he dropped glorious Hermes out of his hands on the ground: then sitting down before him, though he was eager to go on his way, he spoke mockingly to Hermes:
It seemed to beckon her back to the horror of the cruel streets--to point her way mockingly to the bridges over the black river--to lure her to the top of the parapet, and the dreadful leap into God's arms, or into annihilation--who knew which?
His wife, he said, was not the sort of person to be addressed mockingly on a serious subject.
Once, and unwitting that he did so or that I saw, he laughed aloud, mockingly and defiantly, at the advancing storm.
At that moment, when the revelation of everything was hanging over him, there was nothing he expected so much as that she would answer mockingly as before that his suspicions were absurd and utterly groundless.
Come, Prince," she cried mockingly, "it was only a week ago that you assured me that my husband could not leave America.
At this his interlocutor, smiling mockingly above the bristling bow of his necktie, switched the conversation into French.
He looked mockingly on the heap of papers on his table; and left his room to attend the lectures, muttering to himself, "We shall see.
Some hoarse sounds meant for this, came mockingly out of her at last; and her head dropped forward on her breast.
Sophronia,' asked her husband, mockingly, 'are you sentimental?
Svidrigailov screwed up his eyes and smiled mockingly.
He mockingly plays down the significance of these tunes ("I didn't even know Toy Story was a cartoon ") but delivers its famous tune You've Got a Friend In Me like he really means it.
This study ran for 50 years and repeatedly reported that over 20 years of active smoking causes no immediate harm or later loss of life expectancy and I mockingly drew the obvious inference from this that passive smoke will still kill you - but not for about 500 years