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full-scale working model of something built for study or testing or display

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Moreover, the Airbus booth will also feature the 'Day & Night' premium concept for the A350 XWB; and there will also be an A320 Upgrade Services mock-up. Virtual Reality Gears will allow visitors to experience all aircraft cabins.
A number of Airbus Defence and Space mock-ups will also be displayed including the A330 MRTT, a multi-role tanker and transport vehicle that provides unrivalled capabilities and the C295, a multi-mission state of the art aircraft, which represents an unmatched choice for regional military transport or medium range maritime patrol.
The mock-up of the Global 7000 aircraft features a dining area, entertainment lounge, en-suite master bedroom and private washroom.
The HAZMAT mock-up is the latest expansion of this learning method.
"Soon, a mock-up of the trains which will run on the Metro will arrive in Doha and we are planning to put this on display to help educate the public about our exciting new services," said Dr Saad Al Muhannadi, CEO of Qatar Rail.
(5) This mock-up is very similar to the final image.
To ensure a productive mock-up, consider the following before going into the field:
The mock-up iPhone 6 device, which was photographed from Moscoat has a flat back relative to the HTC One M8 curvy back.
" A lot of time is lost during design and building mock-up says Haldun Kilit, chairman of AHK Interiors.
Although pre-construction mock-ups can test a model's performance and allow designers to refine the details, the actual performance of a constructed building will inevitably vary from that of a partial mock-up, says Robert Kistler, manager with The Facade Group, a consulting firm based in Portland, OR.
Custom built to suit ICAO's demands and the fire service's needs, this unique steel aircraft mock-up simulates the majority of aircraft types operating at the airport.
A large mock-up of their skeletal tower is included in the exhibition, and they've also designed the Contour Tape house, strapping together honeycomb structural panels to create a rigid shell.
To supplement the interface-like mock-up of Figure 4, I include two figures showing some of the early mock-ups that we worked with in the Utopia project.(7) Figure 5 shows some elements, most of which were well-known from paper-based page makeup, and elements of our emerging system.
One way to address this challenge is through the use of an architectural mock-up: a full-scale representation of a particular component of the design.