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a satirical imitation of heroic verse

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Thus, in his reconceived mock-heroic version of the incident, Dos Passos has depicted the bull as too enraged, Hemingway as in too heroic a pose, the three figures escaping the bull as over-exemplary, and Stewart as suffering not a minor but a mortal wound.
It's a mock-heroic attempt to make order which ultimately is futile." 1000000000000000 is the most impressive of Mark's site-specific works for Baltic but it is neatly complemented by The Other Wall, which is a wall of bricks all individually numbered with white chalk.
A mock-heroic bricoleur, she seems to be wryly performing her own process.
Jacobson writes about ping-pong knowledgeably, lovingly, with Nabokovian lyricism; but the fact remains that he is writing about ping-pong, and he delights in the mock-heroic irony that results.
Synthesized with valiant gusto by musical whiz Peter Adams, it alternates mock-heroic anthems worthy of Bernard Herrmann's trunk with cute ditties in a Gilbert & Sullivan jugular vein, all teeming with tricky rhymes and wit ("His psychosis gives me chills/ He cannot love, he only kills").
Since the mock-heroic poem and the serious epic were thus regarded as complementary genres, each equally legitimized by Homer and Virgil, ir is not surprising that the neoclassicists were slow to accept the fact that the Margites and Batrachomyomachia were not by Homer at all [...] Although this view did not originate among the neoclassicists, it may well have been nourished by their hopes that a poet who wrote a successful mock-heroic poem might one day also compose a serious epic.
The latter topic is new, and the first chapter, "The Cook in Context" concerns the ambiguous reputation of the professional cook who, as is still the case, was a comical or mock-heroic figure as well as a respected and even treasured artisan.
Waged fiercely in the Museum's hallowed halls, the mock-heroic battle in which the Messer's are deposed provides a fitting climax for the novel's spiraling cycle of mayhem.
In this case, the greater good that seems to have trumped all other concerns is the reaffirmation of the historical mission of the New Museum as a "space where things are taken apart, tried out, and reassembled." Hence it is hardly a paradox that the most tangible aftereffect of this exhibition is a 240-page catalogue that is anything but mock-heroic in its own aspiration to permanence.
Hama Ali's letters profess his love in baroque terms and he sometimes splices mock-heroic film clips into them, underlining the letters' comic aspect.
A highlight of the meal is the Address To The Haggis, a mock-heroic poem by Burns which is recited with great gusto, culminating in slashing open the sausage-like haggis bag.
Richard Terry presents these relationships as correlatives of the mock-heroic. In the opening chapter he distinguishes mock-heroic from travesty and suggests that through the course of the century mock-heroic becomes more an occasional feature of works than a total structural principle.
Homer's heroic and mock-heroic elements are imbricated.
They comment on the works of the aforementioned along with Duck, Leapor, Goldsmith, Cowper and others, analyze forms and genres such as rhyming couplets and blank verse, the epic and the mock-heroic, the verse satire, the ode, the georgic and the verse epistle, and describe themes such as femininity, Whig and Tory poetics, the classics, the past, imagination, the sublime, the city, and the sense of place.