mock up

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construct a model of


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We are pleased that Nissan has decided to implement DYNAMO as a mainstream tool for digital mock up and look forward to helping them implement further stages of their Digital Factory Program.
The ability to offer an accurate color mock up or proof without having to create it on press is of incalculable value to companies who need to approve new package concepts and get product on the shelf as quickly as possible," said Neal Potter, marketing manager for Rainbow Proofing Systems, Imation.
The mobile product exhibition allows Etihad Airways to bypass the logistical constraints of transporting cabin mock ups to multiple locations, taking its ground-breaking premium products directly to target markets, trade events, and exhibitions.
Customers were clamoring to get a look at the Bell 505 and the Bell 525 mock ups, which made their debut here in China at the show.
As some of the scenes depict battles, we need to hire or get hold of World War I uniforms -- one sergeant, six privates and one captain and any replica Lee Enfield rifles or mock ups.