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a political system in which a mob is the source of control

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The stranger is neither an enemy nor a mobocracy, but an agency to be engaged with respect and generosity.
Thailand has been in the grip of mobocracy for pretty long, with the rivalling mobs pulling down the governments with strong days-long street protests.
The conservative blogger Tim Hulsey sees the undead as a Randian nightmare vision, a mobocracy in which "weak and incompetent corpses band together and achieve a dominance over the living minority that they could not otherwise attain.
In a mobocracy, the actions of the big-city political machines would dominate our national elections.
For local Federalists, the events in Carlisle merely confirmed their suspicion that the opponents of the Constitution were bent on establishing mobocracy.
And in the course of our reading "On the Island of Taparsi Flowers Bloom" other -ocracies may pop up, making the mind sometimes don Wells's pose of the uncontrollable phrasemonger: plutocracy, mobocracy, clericocracy.
They were the archetypal anti-Americans because, even if the world has failed to realize it, Canadians had set the terms of the debate - virtually everything said of the crassness and violence of American society today, for example, was first uttered by 19th Century British North Americans who looked down their noses at the mobocracy to the south.
Though some eminences gracing the plush ministerial chairs in Islamabad have left no stone unturned to add to the fast-snowballing chaos at the political landscape with their insensible, vituperative and strident shrill, mobocracy in any case is a very fraught enterprise, with always unpredictable consequences but invariably with sure disastrous outcomes.
You can hear it being said even as the opportunists pounce on the m dmi Party for running a ' mobocracy.
It was up to the opposition to decide if it wanted a democracy or a mobocracy.
Gramscian methods are discussed in some detail in Mobocracy, but also examined are other leftist methods such as Fabianism, which advocates a gradual drift to socialism through the "permeation" of existing political organizations, including, of course, government and the political parties.
They espy a mobocracy emerging, political control ceding to undisciplined indolents.