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Synonyms for mobilize

Synonyms for mobilize

to set or keep going

to assemble, equip, and train for war


to assemble, prepare, or put into operation, as for war or a similar emergency

Synonyms for mobilize

make ready for action or use

get ready for war

cause to move around

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We teamed up with Mobilize Rescue Systems not only because they offer a fantastic system, but also because they offer lifesaving content on their smartphone app that empowers bystanders to act during any emergency.
While there are many client management or internal team collaboration tools, there is also a need for a tool that helps mobilising and engaging freelancers, contributors, participants and shareholders who are close to the company and are the key to its success and Mobilize is the first solution that targets this community, said Mobilize co-founder and CEO Sharon Savariego.
Mobilize says that their TV units are specifically designed for use in vehicles, and utilize 3G connections to automatically download the media playlist of the day when the vehicle is turned on.
The mixture varied with the balance of power, the perception of rights, and the ability to mobilize one or multiple communities.
In future policy debates, long-term care organizations may find themselves frustrated in matching up against more grassroots-oriented opposition unless they can mobilize their memberships in the new lobbying.
Since a control group does not mobilize relevant prior knowledge in advance and, hence, cannot establish a processing advantage similar to the experimental subjects, it follows that control subjects can be expected to need more time for studying the material.
Does AFA, through Global ReLeaf, "promote public awareness, solicit funds, and mobilize people?
NASDAQ: BWEB), a leading provider of software designed to provide unplugged access to existing enterprise web applications, announced today that a leading government consulting and integration firm will mobilize their Oracle ePerformance application using BackWeb's award-winning Offline Access Server(TM) (OAS).
This year, attendees will be using the Virtual Photo Booth, developed by Orange County start up, Mobilize Solutions.
So instead of counting individual soldiers--a meaningless exercise--one must look at how many units the United States could theoretically put on the ground if it wanted to mobilize every active and reserve soldier available.
As noted, essential to progress through the Stages of Change is the ability to mobilize motivation.
Nasdaq:CNTR), a provider of solutions that mobilize the enterprise, has entered into a regional strategic alliance with Powerlan Limited, (ASX:PWR), Australia's largest publicly listed IT services company and a leading supplier of end-to-end IT&T services throughout Asia Pacific.
Local and state officials spoke Saturday to the community volunteers outside the Ritchie Valens Recreation Center in Pacoima to encourage their efforts to mobilize the community, said project volunteer Jose Luis Ramirez.
By providing the base from which black activists and community organizers could mobilize African-American voters, the existence of the separate city was essential in helping African Americans achieve eventual political dominance.
LOS ANGELES -- STM Records, LLC [STM] has partnered with Mobilize, LLC to reach and interact with ism fans during this year's 2006 CMJ Music Marathon held in New York City.
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