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large high frilly cap with a full crown

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Nick, in his mobcap and shawl, went unnoticed except for a sharp glance as he lent a surprisingly strong pair of arms to lift in the kettledrum.
To stress that Hogarth was not vain about his promotion, he has discarded his wig and half-covered his shaven pate with a pushed-back workmanlike mobcap.
The traditional view of quilting is that although yes, it is a group activity, it is one done by bunches of women sitting around a fire, probably in rocking chairs, probably with some kind of maid's mobcap on.
Notebook, a son of Well Decorated and Mobcap, by Tom Rolfe, was owned by the late Eugene Klein, and won eight of 21 starts and over half a million dollars under the tutelage of
One girl would become an executive secretary, one a private tutor in French, and, saddest, the youngest and fairest found work wearing a starched mobcap and frilled apron selling Belgian chocolates in a lovely little mirrored shop on Michigan Avenue.