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Synonyms for mix

Synonyms for mix

to put together into one mass so that the constituent parts are more or less homogeneous

to take part in social activities

mix up: to take (one thing) mistakenly for another

mix up: to draw in so that extrication is difficult

Synonyms for mix

a commercially prepared mixture of dry ingredients

an event that combines things in a mixture

open (a place) to members of all races and ethnic groups

combine (electronic signals)

Related Words

add as an additional element or part


Related Words

to bring or combine together or with something else

mix so as to make a random order or arrangement

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System preheats and mixes product, and a liquid binder is added to bind particles together.
The rutting resistance of all of the mixes was generally below acceptable standards.
The 38 [degrees] C base data indicate approximately equivalent delta T and compression set measurements, whereas the 100 [degrees] C oven temperature tests indicate higher delta T and compression set for the wet masterbatch mixes.
The line of sugar-free Baja Bob's mixes is perfect for people who want to enjoy an occasional celebratory or social drink while maintaining their commitment to a healthy diet.
The Asian Spice, Cheddar Crunch, Country Honey and Sweet Harvest mixes complete the line.
This series of mixes was well under control without excessive change in the rotor speed (between 35 and 55 rpm).
Unlike many so-called healthy treats that offer reduced sugar or reduced calories at the sacrifice of flavor, Baja Bob's new sugar-free Martini Mixes are flavored with natural flavors and Splenda, and taste as crisp and refreshing as the "real thing.
Vulcanization characteristics were determined on the shearing disc Mooney viscometer (SDV) and the oscillating disc rheometer (ODR) for all the various NBR mixes.
Baja Bob's mixes come in several flavors: Original Margarita, Wild Strawberry Margarita, Desert Key Lime Margarita, Lean & Mean Bloody Mary, Crazy Caribe Pina Colada, Loco Lemon Sweet & Sour, and Maui Madness Mai Tai, in addition to the four new Martini flavors.
com) announced today that Costco stores will now be carrying their line of low-carb drink mixes at select locations in the Pacific Northwest.
The depth of experience in silicones affords the custom compounder many advantages over the multi-elastomer fabricator who mixes silicones in-house.
Millions of people who have joined the weight-loss low-carbohydrate revolution have reason to celebrate with the announcement that Baja Bob's(R) Low-Carb Bar Mixes (www.
Vanilla has long been the number one flavor in ice cream," said Nancy Sacco, associate marketing manager for SuperMoist Cake Mixes.
The selection of Sands Capital was completed as part of Russell's multi-manager process, which seeks to emphasize stock selection skill while providing broad diversification in 12 distinct separate account manager mixes and in each of its 160 funds.