mixed farming

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growing crops and feed and livestock all on the same farm

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While monocropping and modern agroindustrial practices raise concerns of emerging infectious diseases, remote and rural villages where mixed farming sustains people can become crucibles for emerging microbes and pathogens.
Mr Davies added: "These proposals would limit the crops we can grow for our own use, pushing many farms away from mixed farming.
Mind you, the best approach to agriculture is good old-fashioned mixed farming.
Assistant Deputy Coroner Anthony Eastwood said there had been a mixed farming business at the site with five employees including Michael, who was a director along with his father.
Participants will visit one of five "immersion" sites: mixed farming areas in Clearwater and near Brandon, Man.
The farm where we are based has a history of mixed farming with a rotation of crops and animals,' he said.
Stella Drate Pasquale and Esterina Bojo Tranquillo (2001) Critical Analysis on the Role of Mixed Farming System in Agricultural Development, Case Study: Southern Sudan (Terkaka), School of REED.
In Garissa, Koskei urged residents to practice mixed farming, involving livestock keeping and crop production.
Mr Kirkham has more than 30 years' experience in UK agriculture and is managing director of M & R Kirkham and Sons, a mixed farming business based in Solihull whose expansion he has driven since 1980.
It is a mixed farming and woodland estate and home to one of the top shoots in Britain, requiring six full-time keepers and numerous contractors.
Established in 1882, Wheelbirks Farm is a 360-acre set in Stocksfield, Northumberland, and it has been home to traditional mixed farming for more than a century.
His study examines the correlation between enclosed landscapes, high status compounds, and concentrations of metalwork deposition and demonstrates the importance of large-scale animal husbandry in the mixed farming regimes through analysis of field systems with droveways, stock proof fencing, watering holes, cow pens, sheep races, and gateways for stockhandling.
New leasing regulations in 1913 helped the industry and some ranchers began to appreciate the merits of mixed farming.
Mr Sichinga was present at Namwala District for the contribution of mixed farming equipment and apparatus by the Zambian Government in collaboration with China to develop and boost preservation agriculture.
The hope is for CSA to become a driver for more mixed farming systems throughout Wales.