mitral stenosis

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Synonyms for mitral stenosis

obstruction or narrowing of the mitral valve (as by scarring from rheumatic fever)

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The concomitant congenital valvular abnormalities described to date consist of mitral atresia, double-orifice mitral valve, mitral valve cleft, congenital mitral valve stenosis, aortic stenosis, absent aortic valve and tricuspid atresia, which all have been primarily reported in infants and children (2,5,8).
Jack has hypoplastic left ventricle mitral atresia, which meant the left side of his heart had not developed -a condition Tracey believes he would not have survived just 15 years ago.
To our knowledge, a case of DORV with mitral atresia and left ventricular hypoplasia who survived beyond 20 years without surgery has not been reported.
However, unlike most toddlers taking those first tentative steps, little Jack has the 20,000 to one heart condition, hypoplastic left ventricle mitral atresia.