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moderating pain or sorrow by making it easier to bear

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At the same time that this group related the worsening of the place's environmental quality where they live due to the absence of mitigatory measures after the occurrence of a chemical accidents site in 2005.
The study was designed to collect data on knowledge, attitude and practices of fluorosis endemic community on fluoride contamination, fluorosis and mitigatory measures as it helps to device targeted and concerted interventions [21 -22].
However, as is the case in Australia, they are not mitigatory in relation to child sexual offenses, serious violent offenses, and drug offenses.
37) Chief Justice King held that leniency in sentence should not apply "against an offender who is only too ready to commit the offence", (38) and went on to distinguish the different forms of entrapment based on their mitigatory effect on sentence:
I do not allow any separate mitigatory effect by way of a reduction of the sentence which I will otherwise impose due simply to the fact that he has had his skull fractured in a revenge attack after he, himself, had been engaged in a violent and a vicious attack on a person.
That may be a matter for their longterm reflection but it does reduce the mitigatory impact of the suggestion that Rangers were innocent victims.
One of the main products to be derived from this assessment would be environmental management plans for each of the respective developments that would effectively address the mitigatory measure to be employed to prevent undue negative impacts on, amongst others, the fishing and tourism industries," Ellis told the Economist.
The message that theft or damage of cultural property is a serious offence that will attract condign punishment would have been stronger if no or little mitigatory weight had been given to the appellant's reputation as a scholar and philanthropist.
Although the accord asserts the importance of mitigatory measures, it did not include quantitative goals or a time frame for reducing emissions, he said.
When biodiversity loss is involved, preventative or mitigatory expenditure is applied.
In such a process, it is postulated following all the case studies that each component has special theoretical and mitigatory underpinnings according to historical relevance, and socioeconomic and cultural conditions from the emergent structural positioning of the societies involved in the conflicts.
It also has the added potential to aid in the development of some mitigatory measures.
It has always been the case it is not a mitigatory factor, it's an aggravating factor.
While I accept following the fire the defendant was extremely distressed, I place little weight on this as a mitigatory indication of remorse as it seems plain from his failure to acknowledge lighting the fire his predominant concern was for himself, not for others" Evans said.