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moderating pain or sorrow by making it easier to bear

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Intoxication was also a mitigatory factor, saying owing to his drunken state, he lost the power of self-control and ended up committing murder.
"There will be a destruction of habitat for brown hare, and destruction of foraging habitat for owls, yet no mitigatory habitat suitable for this species is proposed.
In this year, approximately 3,000 juveniles were released by the staff of the Laboratory of Biology and Cultivation of Fresh Water Fish of the Federal University at Santa Catarina (LAPAD/UFSC), which was possibly related to the catches in this study and raises for discussion the use of stocking techniques as mitigatory and or compensatory measures in the installation of reservoirs.
H&E staining showed that, comparing to DAI 3 d group, neuronal pyknosis, swelling, torsion, cell body deformation, and expanded extracellular space of cell were more aggravated in the DAI 3 d + Pam3CSK4 group, while the similar pathological changes were rather mitigatory in the DAI 3 d + TLR2 siRNA group.
"Having regard to your counsel's stance that, even if your assertions were true, your reaction to that alleged threat was in no way mitigatory of this appalling, wicked crime."
She said his reaction to that alleged threat was in no way mitigatory of this appalling, wicked crime.
Concerning the knowledge on the community's environmental quality, the reason for acute events, 51% of the Porto das Caixas locality's residents reported on the occurrence of an environmental chemical accident in 2005 and that local mitigatory measures were not taken by public and entrepreneurial authorities responsible for the accident, remaining the impacts on the soil, rivers and the people's health living in the vicinity of the affected area.
Nelson, Breaking the Camel's Back: A Consideration of Mitigatory Criminal Defenses and Racism-Related Mental Illness, 9 MICH.
financial system, the Fed may take "mitigatory" actions with a vote of two-thirds or more of FSOC.
Justice Fiannaca: Most jurisdictions have legislative provisions recognizing the mitigatory value of a plea of guilty; some are more prescriptive than others.
The knowledge, attitude and practices of the community about the problem might help in the mitigatory processes [20].
For example, some exponents credit DPCR with fulfilling the CCP's broad political objectives of "harmonious society" and "balancing leniency and severity." Yu Jian (2009), who is the deputy of the Shanghai Criminal Court, commends the mitigatory nature of DPCR as "embodying balancing leniency and severity." The Shanghai Criminal Court has praised DPCR as "a road to progress" in realizing the "kill fewer, kill carefully" policy (You 2009, 56).
Nomenclature is a concern in approaching a comparative analysis of the mitigatory effects of entrapment-type practices and their relationship to the purposes and principles of sentencing in Australia and Canada.