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Synonyms for mitigation

Synonyms for mitigation

freedom, especially from pain

Synonyms for mitigation

to act in such a way as to cause an offense to seem less serious

a partial excuse to mitigate censure

the action of lessening in severity or intensity

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The objectives of this research are to: (1) describe current practice, including how wetland mitigation policy, permitting, and design criteria vary among regions; (2) identify considerations associated with designing and implementing wetland mitigation sites in proximity to airports; and (3) provide case studies of actual airport-associated wetland mitigation projects that detail their planning, permitting, design, implementation, maintenance, and cost.
The award-winning ADS 8000 provides leading DDoS protection through multi-algorithmic threat mitigation technology and flexible deployments, helping to block attacks effectively while ensuring the normal transmission of legitimate traffic.
Optimized DDoS behavior statistics, reputation mechanisms and mitigation algorithms targeted at new botnet-based DDoS attacks to provide a granular and precise DDoS mitigation technique
today announced the launch of the ADS 8000 series, an active DDoS attack mitigation appliance that defends against both known and unknown attacks and is specifically designed for hosting service providers, Internet data centers (IDCs), telecom carriers and managed security service providers (MSSPs).
Best-in-class protection performance: Supports up to 40Gbps of mitigation capacity with a single unit and provides hundreds of Gbps of larger scalable mitigation capacity via simple cluster deployment.
The more accurately risks are assessed by safety personnel, the more effectively mitigation strategies can be developed and chosen (Assess).
However, most of the expense in risk management is wrapped up in choosing and implementing mitigation strategies.
The report analyses the financial commitments by the institutions to support climate change mitigation and adaptation, and the information provided has been expanded since the first edition to include better sectoral and regional breakdowns of MDB financing.
Of the total $27 billion in climate finance, 78% or more than $21 billion was dedicated to mitigation, while 22% or nearly $6 billion was applied to adaptation.
Today, every industry is deluged with data from multiple sources in different formats, and the business of cyber security and DDoS attack mitigation is no exception," said Stuart Scholly, president of Prolexic.
Prolexic also advises that even the best automated data analytics systems cannot replace the experience of skilled DDoS and cyber threat mitigation technicians, who analyze and extrapolate the data to make meaningful conclusions.
Interviews with thirty mitigation specialists who have
states reveal that mitigation operates in an arbitrary manner.
Where's a mitigation bank nearby one that has credits available?
What process or workflow do we apply to determine our mitigation needs?