mitigating circumstance

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(law) a circumstance that does not exonerate a person but which reduces the penalty associated with the offense

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However, realizing the novelty of the case, the district court judges asked the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to consider whether an individual's condition should be assessed with or without mitigating circumstances when determining whether that individual is disabled under the ADA.
A mitigating circumstance may include any aspect of the defendant's character or record and any other circumstance of the offense.
If one or more jurors are reasonably convinced of the existence of a mitigating circumstance, the number of jurors who agree should be entered in the space provided.
There is a chance the promoter/ venue has a clause in their contract that if something happens which is out of their control there is mitigating circumstances.
An internal memo revealed HMRC staff were asked to write off the fine without further investigation for individuals who could show mitigating circumstances, and who appealed after paying their tax bill.
In passing sentence, Judge Doros Theodorou cited as mitigating circumstances the advanced years of the defendant and his guilty plea which made a hearing unnecessary.
The) NCUA is reviewing the cases to determine whether any of the late filers have mitigating circumstances that warrant a waiver of penalties," the agency said in a release.
On one of the wettest afternoons regulars could recall, the stewards took account of a combination of mitigating circumstances after all eight jockeys in a reduced field - also among them Kingman's partner James Doyle - failed to respond to the yellow recall flag and completed the course, despite starter James Stenning having called a false start in the belief Taurus Twins had burst the gates and gained an unfair advantage.
look for mitigating circumstances when a person has committed murder?
Danny even tries to get Nana McQueen onside, and asks her to convince her grandson that he should plead mitigating circumstances.
The mitigating circumstances that led to the inflated price that were revealed with a detailed geo-technical assessment included soil and slope instability that required the span of the bridge to be extended
Arguing that there were no mitigating circumstances favouring the accused, the prosecution had demanded Shahzad be sentenced to death.
A final section concludes with a case that highlights the tensions between interpreting the law for equality while remaining sensitive to mitigating circumstances.
Mikel has not denied the charge in the fall-out from the race case with the match official, but he has requested a personal hearing to put forward mitigating circumstances.
html) Digital Spy that there were obvious mitigating circumstances for the delay.