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of or relating to Mithraism or its god


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"Usually in Mithraic iconography, the image of Mithra is depicted as he involves in various activities associated with the god of sun (Helious or Sol).
"It is one of the best collections of Mithraic material in the world," said Andrew Parkin, keeper of archaeology at Tyne Wear Archives and Museums.
Apart from the window, the architecture of the original building has similarities to other Mithraic constructions.
All these novels emphasize the Mithraic ritual, pagan drama, strict rules, extreme compression of action and daring technique in the sacramental killing.
Julian, who was a fervent devotee of the Mithraic mysteries, did not attempt a resumption of open persecution of the Christians, who by then had become a powerful force throughout Roman dominions.
Poemas escogidos also includes a sound selection of poems from Flowering Reeds (1933) and Mithraic Emblems (1936), such as 'Toledo (July, 1936)', 'After the Riots, Toledo, March, 1936', 'Poems for Spain', 'To my Daughters in the Bullring' and 'The Alcazar Mined'.
After explaining how Montherlant's influential Les bestiaires reveals a profound appreciation for Mithraism, Stoltzfus pauses and concedes that he is "surprised" to find an analogous treatment of the Mithraic cult in Hemingway's writings.
The society puts up a brave front, announcing proudly its slogan: "As long as one person worships truly, the ancient Gods and Goddesses are with us." It carries news, for instance, of a recent meeting to discuss the esoteric Mithras, the Sun God, whose priests (it is said) conducted Julian through the mysteries of the Mithraic cult and made him an initiate, in his view one of the great events of his life.
Initially, they appear to be the followers of some Mithraic cult conducting an unknowable rite, but they are revealed to be ordinary people taking their mundane morning exercise in the grassy park below the mound.
Did the Mithraists inhale?-A technique for Theurgic ascent in the Mithras liturgy, the Chaldean Oracles and some Mithraic frescoes.
The worldview that engendered the Circle of Justice theory is a millennia-old Mithraic concept arguing that rulers, to have legitimacy, must pursue "justice" and ensure the protection and well-being of their people, who are ultimately the very source of power for their rule.
Wilson, "Indian and Mithraic Influences on Swinburne's Pantheism: 'Hertha' and 'A Nympholept,'" PLL 8 [supp.] (1972): 57-66; David G.
They begin their study by tracing the centuries-long rise of soterial theology through Zoroastrian and Mithraic, Jewish, and Greco-Roman cultures.
In the former, the reader receives a methodical introduction to the major mystery cults (Eleusinian, Samothracian, Bacchic, the cult of the Meter, Mithraic, Isiac) and the various modes in which they have been interpreted.
From this perspective, "The Wild Palms" is a gender-subversive Mithraic myth and so not easily identifiable as the Christian analogue it is.