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ox of southeast Asia sometimes considered a domesticated breed of the gaur

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A ceremonial ox of India: the mithan in nature, culture, and history, with notes on the domestication of common cattle.
Rainee Canal in Sindh, kachni canal from new Mithan of Barrage for Balochistan and Greater Thai Canal in Punjab etc.
Police said Shaheena Bibi, of Muzaffargarh, and Shaila Bibi, of Kot Mithan, went missing late on Wednesday.
On the other hand, PFF district president Badin, Mithan Mallah, Secretary M.
RAJANPUR -- A kid was crushed under the wheels of a tractor-trolley at Basti Phuli near Kot Mithan, here on Tuesday.
BAHAWALPUR -- Spiritual leader of Mithan Kot and political leader, Khawaja Aamir Fareed Koreja has said that Muslims would not make any compromise on belief of Khatm-e-Nabowwat.
These comprise Lahore, Gujranwala, Taxila, Nankana, Sheikhupura, Narowal, Bahawalpur, Chakwal, Mithan Kot etc.
According to the details, dozens of villages in Muzaffargarh, Layyah, Kehror Lall Ussain and Kot Mithan have been inundated.
Kevin John Mithan, 31, was told by magistrates on July 27 he was banned from entering Trealaw and from contacting Gwyneth Williams who lived in the same block of flats at Buckley Close, Trealaw.
GUDDU: In front of Guddu barrage lies a vast lake extending up to Zahir Pir on East and Kot Mithan in the west.
People in large number were relocating on a self-help basis from Jampur, Kot Mithan, Jakra Imamshah and Tuansa Sharif.
The gayal (Bos frontalis), also called mithan or mithun, is found in China only in the Dulong River and Nujiang River Basin in Yunnan Province, and in Menyu and Luoyu regions of the Tibet Autonomous Region where the altitude ranges between 1,500 M-4,100 M.
Pedestrian James Owain Mithan died after being hit by a taxi on the city's busy North Road in the early hours of November 2 last year, Cardiff Coroner's Court was told.
James Mithan, 23, was killed in South Wales on November 5.
The Ramazan bazaars would be set up at Rajanpur, Fazilpur, Jaampur, Rojhan and Kot Mithan areas while stalls of utility stores will also be established.