miter joint

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joint that forms a corner

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That's why woodworkers often use biscuits on miter joints even where extra strength isn't needed.
The editors ultimately won the bout when T-Glue distracted the referee with a perfectly formed miter joint while Routerboy smashed a conveniently positioned 2-by-4, made of ipe.
Then hold the miter joint together, making sure the trim pieces arc; held parallel to the door or window jambs, and check the fit.
Coping starts with a 45-degree cut on the miter saw, just as if you were going to make a miter joint at the inside corner.
Before we could assemble the miter joint, we had to cut the short section of the countertop exactly flush with the cabinet end (Photo 11) to make room for the range.
If a gap remains in the tip of the split molding (at the top of the miter joint), drill a 1/16-in.
1 WIDE WOOD CASINGS contract when humidity is low and open a gap on the inside of a miter joint. In high humidity they expand and open a gap on the outside of the joint.
These joints are easier to glue than a miter joint because they can't slide out of alignment when you tighten the clamps.
This type of joint is better than a miter joint because it allows for seasonal movement.
PUT YOUR CORNER PIECES in place and position them so they touch the walls, the overhang in front is even, and the gap along the miter joint is even.
This simple way to get a perfectly glued miter joint will amaze you the first time you try it.
Place pieces of masking tape across three of the joints, flip over all four pieces so they're lying flat on your bench, and apply a small bead of glue in each miter joint. Set the bottom in its groove on one side piece (don't glue it), and put the other pieces into position around the bottom.
The isolation plug would need to negotiate two miter joints and travel up a 5-degree incline before reaching its final isolation position 38 meters away, directly ahead of the plenum weld.
It is intricately detailed with miter joints applied on the front and side panels.