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Synonyms for misuse

Synonyms for misuse

to use wrongly and improperly

to hurt or injure by maltreatment

Synonyms for misuse

apply to a wrong thing or person

change the inherent purpose or function of something

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Justice Khan adjourned further hearing till May 23 and temporarily restrained the respondents from misusing the public funds or property.
While stimulant use is most common, students also are misusing a variety of other prescription medications, the survey maintains.
Cata-strophizing is associated with a high risk of misusing prescription opioids, independently of a patient's sensitivity to pain, the severity of pain, pain-related anxiety, and depressive symptoms.
The court ordered the CDA authorities to submit complete allotment record of the farm houses comprising three categories prescribed for the allotments along with progress of legal action taken against the allotees involved in misusing the agriculture farms.
(314) Nor could the estate threaten to sue the biographer for the biographer's unlicensed fair use of copyrighted material without having to worry that by misusing its copyrights it was taking a risk that it would make them unenforceable against everyone.
MOTORISTS have been misusing disabled drivers' blue badges to escape paying Severn Bridge tolls.
The finalists have been named after a search by the charity to find the most innovative and effective work being carried out to prevent children and young people from misusing alcohol.
The Sakeena Women's Project is aimed at ladies from the the Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Somali and Yemeni communities who are affected by drug misusing partners, family members and friends.
Vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people aged under 25 who are at risk of misusing substances include:
The regime had been initially to establish the extent of blue badge abuse in Middlesbrough, and to educate drivers who might be misusing the system through a genuine misunderstanding.
In my experience, many people working in the public service have been guilty of misusing the Lord's name, yet it would seem no one would dream of misusing other believers' faiths in this way for fear of repercussion.
Robert Epstein ["Is Gay a Choice?" March 14] is misusing "science" to support ex-gay propaganda, just as Christians are misusing "intelligent design." Anecdotal evidence of "selfoproclaimed ex-gays" doesn't prove his claim that some gays can switch.
Fraser Kemp, MP for Houghton & Washington East, says that those found misusing them will face pounds 80 on-the-spot fines.
These often-ignored lines are intended to prevent consumers from misusing the product and causing harm to themselves or others.
However, of particular concern will be the news that more than 250 youngsters under the age of 18 were under treatment for misusing drink or drugs.