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Synonyms for misuse

Synonyms for misuse

to use wrongly and improperly

to hurt or injure by maltreatment

Synonyms for misuse

apply to a wrong thing or person

change the inherent purpose or function of something

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Opioid addiction can hinder or utterly prevent misusers from finding employment or participating in the labor market.
Rachel, one of 15 members of staff and former substance misusers helped by the charity taking part, hopes to raise PS1,000 towards the group total of PS4,000.
This article will compare the roles of two different addiction treatment systems, one in Stockholm County, including and surrounding the Swedish capital, and the other in a Northern California county (US), with urban, suburban and some rural areas, in relation to marginalized and socially integrated misusers. It will explore to what extent marginalized and socially integrated persons are found within the treatment systems, what type of services they receive, and what kinds of pressures they receive from the surrounding society to seek treatment.
The misuser groups, even though seen as inappropriate users of medical services, actually made fewer medical visits than frequent appropriate users (F = 4.32, P < .02).
This relationship was found to be U-shaped, and the most marginalized misusers were also likely to report events as treatment catalysts.
Costs to individual drug misusers and their families would be considered, as would impacts on the private sector such as changes in productivity and wider social impacts such as effect of drug related crime on the community.
as shown for youth or student PO misuser populations) extensively involve friends or family members.
According to a report from the Swedish Board of Health and Social Welfare (Socialstyrelsen, 1998) there are greater reasons to worry about "the younger misusers," whom they found were being given less treatment, while the changes that the treatment system had undergone during the 1990s (1) weren't judged as having failed the "group of older, socially and physically worn-down misusers." However, a more recent study indicates the contrary--young drug users are prioritized and older alcohol users are not (Ekendahl, 2004).
The latter task should be dealt with by properly educated and personally suitable employees, and aim at strengthening the misuser's motives for a sober life and providing him with sound alternatives to excessive drinking.
"It is bad for the misuser and bad for the business.
Characters include the parent of a substance misuser and a reformed drug dealer.
McCabe said a "very concerning" finding is that 30% of prescription drug misusers took their own leftover medications, with girls more likely to do so than boys.
The total percentage of misusers who obtained the pain relievers from more than one doctor was thus 2.5% (2.6% x 38.5% + 1.5% = 2.5%).
Gran-of-six Christine Fearon spent years supporting substance misusers, working with the police and court system.