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Antonyms for misused

used incorrectly or carelessly or for an improper purpose


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Justice Iqbal also asked the KP NAB to ascertain if the chief minister had misused his authority.
The minister said that this act is not being misused rather it is being used to trace elements who are working against the interest of the State.
At one time, college students most commonly misused drugs to get high, but today students also use medications to self-medicate, to manage their lives.
Survey data from 2008 through 2011 identified 11,018,735 respondents who said they misused an opioid pain reliever either by obtaining the drug without a prescription or by getting a prescription but taking the drug strictly because of the feeling or experience it provided.
Councils are to be given unprecedented powers to confiscate badges which are being misused and cancel others reported stolen.
Roughly 60% or more of students who misused prescription stimulants for weight loss indicated they had also skipped meals, engaged in excessive physical exercise, or tried fad diets in an effort to lose weight.
The ITC initially found Philips misused the pooled patents because
First, an accused infringer can defend on the basis of copyright misuse by proving that the copyright owner misused its copyright against anyone--not just against the defendant to the suit.
If it has been misused earlier, it can be misused in future as well.
Dubai: Some prescription medicines should be listed in the law among "addictive misused narcotics" to curb their abuse, a senior official has said.
Mr Parker says in his report that in recent years it has been recognised nationally there has been a growing problem of the blue badges being misused.
The irregularities, which occurred over the course of a year, were discovered in September 2005; the church leader who misused the funds has resigned and is attempting to make restitution, said Andrea Mann, regional mission co-ordinator for Asia, Pacific and the Middle East for the partnerships department of General Synod.
To ensure that this information is not misused, however, disclosures are added to guide the agent in its use.
Bad English isn't just about swearing and slang: it's also to be found in seemingly educated language as well as in uneducated writing: Cambridge University graduate and editor James Cochrane here assembles some of the best faux paus of the English language, providing not only an a-z dictionary of commonly misused words and phrases, but examples of how they are misused and when a better word would be more appropriate.