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a trial that is invalid or inconclusive

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Mostly citing faulty investigations and mistrials, a special appellate bench, formed by the Supreme Court to adjudicate murder appeals, overturned 467 death sentences in 546 appeals.
District Judge Sue Robinson with no choice other than hand the mistrial verdict.
Jurors who access the Internet, use their cell phones, and text message during trial are causing mistrials and wasting judicial resources.
Judges can reduce the number of mistrials by effectively regulating these devices.
The judge had no choice but to declare a mistrial, wasting eight weeks of work by prosecutors and defense lawyers.
It probably won't be the last "Google mistrial": Around the country, the use of BlackBerrys and iPhones by jurors gathering and sending out information about cases is wreaking havoc on trials, upending deliberations and infuriating judges.
The judge finally declares a mistrial after several long days of deliberations fail to produce a verdict, and the uncle is later asked about his experience as a juror.
Judge Agnes declared a mistrial, as required by law.
For the third time in the past 12 months, a judge declared a mistrial yesterday in the racketeering trial of former mob boss John A Junior Gotti.
"Your honour, unfortunately we are deadlocked," said the note, prompting US District Judge Shira Scheind-lin to declare the mistrial shortly after noon.
In the three remaining non-split verdict trials, hung juries resulted in mistrials for all of the defendants on trial.
But what about mistrials? When a jury is deadlocked and cannot decide whether to convict or acquit, should this be counted as a serious loss for the prosecution?
Part II examines the balance of interests in two lines of double jeopardy cases - those dealing with reversals of convictions and those dealing with mistrials tainted by prosecutorial misconduct - and concludes that when the event triggering a retrial cannot be characterized as a procedural error, the defendant's double jeopardy interests generally outweigh those of the state.
The Court's mistrial cases provide an appropriate starting point for such an analysis, for it is in the context of mistrials that the interplay between intentional prosecutorial misconduct and double jeopardy is most fully developed.(66) This section briefly discusses the Court's treatment of prosecutorial misconduct in the context of mistrials.
(19) The jury returned after another half-hour to announce that it had still not reached a verdict as to the charge of manslaughter, and the court declared a mistrial. (20)