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a trial that is invalid or inconclusive

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[T]here would be great difficulty in applying [the traditional rules] where the prosecutor's actions giving rise to the motion for mistrial were done "in order to goad the [defendant] "into requesting a mistrial." In such a case, the defendant's valued right to complete his trial before the first jury would be a hollow shell if the inevitable motion for mistrial were held to prevent a later invocation of the bar of double jeopardy in all circumstances.
That probe was prompted by a comment that one of the jurors made to a television reporter as she was leaving the federal courthouse after the mistrial was declared.
The post Turkish banker accused of helping Iran launder money seeks mistrial appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The first trial against Tensing also ended in a mistrial after the jury deliberated 25 hours over four days in November without reaching a verdict.
18 ( ANI ): The case accusing Bill Cosby of indecent assault ended in a mistrial on Saturday, after a Pennsylvania jury was unable to come to a unanimous decision.
A MISTRIAL has been declared in New York over a six-year-old boy who disappeared in 1979.
NEW YORK -- Ashanti is appalled by the prospect of facing her accused stalker again in court, but the Grammy-winning R&B singer said Friday she's determined to see the case through after a mistrial.
On Monday, a judge declared a mistrial in the latest case against Reynolds, who was found guilty Friday of six misdemeanor counts of solicitation of professional employment.
Manila, Philippines -- If it happened in the United States, it would already be a mistrial, Vice President Jejomar C.
judge has declared a mistrial on 15 remaining charges against a Libyan militant who was found guilty last week of playing an instrumental role in the 2012 Benghazi attacks.
He makes three arguments on appeal: (1) the circuit court erred by not granting his motion for a mistrial related to testimony by a law enforcement witness; (2) he received ineffective assistance of counsel when his trial counsel failed to take any action concerning a juror who Putman asserts was sleeping during the presentation of evidence; and (3) the court erred by not "conduct[ing] some inquiry" into the issue of the sleeping juror.
He had also sought a mistrial based on comments the prosecutor made during closing arguments.
"Mistrial or not, the charges have dampened support where Menendez needs it most with independents and even a handful of his own base," Koning added.
Ellis declared a mistrial on the remaining 10 charges Manafort faced.
Calls for boycott of Viva's film emerged as several netizens claimed there was a mistrial in the case of the Chiong Seven as another documentary titled 'Give Up Tomorrow' produced in 2011 showed Larranaga's side of the story were also resurfaced by netizens.