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Synonyms for mistress

Synonyms for mistress

a woman schoolteacher (especially one regarded as strict)

a woman master who directs the work of others

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"Because, monsieur," replied Kitty, "my mistress loves you not at all."
"Well, then, instead of pitying me, you would do much better to assist me in avenging myself on your mistress."
My mistress dwelt strongly on Rosanna's good conduct in her service, and on the high opinion entertained of her by the matron at the reformatory.
This was the first attack of the megrims that I remembered in my mistress since the time when she was a young girl.
When we reached the railway station I think mistress walked from the carriage to the waiting-room.
Ellmother refused to inform you of her mistress's serious illness.
"You're contradicting your own orders," she said to her mistress. "You don't know how soon you may begin wandering in your mind again.
'You have the motive of obeying Me.' (Damoride falls with her face on the floor at her mistress's feet.) 'Madam, I cannot do it!
Damoride looks at the paper, and sinks again at her mistress's feet in a paroxysm of horror and despair.
When he had done he says to my mistress, who was in the room, "This is a very serious case," he says, "I recommend you to write to Lady Glyde's friends directly." My mistress says to him, "Is it heart-disease?" And he says, "Yes, heart-disease of a most dangerous kind." He told her exactly what he thought was the matter, which I was not clever enough to understand.
My mistress took this ill news more quietly than my master.
Both mistress and maid were equally taken by surprise.
She held her handkerchief over her face, and shrank from her mistress as she seated herself again in the chair.
'Flintwinch,' said his mistress and partner, flashing into a sudden energy that made Affery start, 'why do you goad me?
“Pump, Pump,” interrupted Benjamin; “it’s Christmas eve, Mistress Remarkable, and so, dye see, you had better call me Pump.