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Synonyms for mistiness

cloudiness resulting from haze or mist or vapor

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?High Expectations was backed to 1.11 in the 1m5f handicap at Hamilton, but Mistiness easily went past in the final furlong and was soon clear after trading at 44.
Despite positive signals emanating out of Tehran, there is still this back of the mind reluctance to clear the mistiness and get back on the trade avenue.
Though Hawthorne was no doubt familiar with Essays and Reviews, it is also likely that he had seen many of Whipple's articles earlier when they appeared in the North American Review, the journal whose circle of contributors Miles Coverdale retreats to when the "intangibility and mistiness" (3:141) of Blithedale get to be too much for him.
She opens and closes the film, sitting there like a fresh-cut onion, making you question whether that mistiness you feel is real or some well-calculated chemical reaction--in much the same way Thomas Newman's score works, so boosting the energy at any moment we might want to catch our breath, while also supporting two full-blown Bollywood-style dance numbers.
Bamburgh and Seahouses have a mysterious mistiness to them, while The General generates various catchy but strange little melodies the way Frank Zappa does.
And now its swelling flower buds are covered in the softest fur as though they had absorbed the mistiness of the December day.
They are influenced by the Ansel Adams style of stark landscape magnificence, with an added mistiness. The trees themselves are remarkable at a level that will interest readers not usually interested in trees.
The periphery is shrouded in mistiness, with faint splinter stars embedded on its northern surface.
Considering that this incident happened in a community college where inspiring students was often a challenge, I took her mistiness as a great encouragement.
Not only that, but there was always a bit of dust in the air, so there was always a slight mistiness to the light, as well.
(19/) [Forrest-Thomson is referring to Eliot's essay "Andrew Marvell," in which he argues for a type of "rhetorical sincerity." Eliot states: "The effect of Morris's charming poem depends upon the mistiness of the feeling and the vagueness of its object; the effect of Marvell's upon its bright, hard precision.
So was Cliff, well-known purveyor by appointment of Celtic mistiness, indulging in hyperbole ?
Danesi (2002) says that grey colour symbolizes dullness, mistiness, obscurity, nebulousness etc.