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so similar as to be easily identified for another thing


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Afro-American" woman accompanying Regenia must be her servant indicates that Regenia clearly passes, that she is "mistakably white."
(27.) The Kaya Artemis Resort comprehensively but mistakably discussed under the category "Figurative Classicism" in: Yucel-Besim, Kiessel and Tozan (2010, 111-2, fig.
NNA - 10/07/2011 National Liberal Party (NLP) boss, Dori Chamoun, wants the Mikati government to exact a high price for mistakably thinking it was triumphant vis-A'-vis the STL indictment.
The piece-meal approach adopted comfortably by the NIF/NCP ruling regime, which has been mistakably encouraged by external powers (in the way the Darfur Crisis has been frustratingly handled and the way the CPA is increasingly failed) must be immediately stopped.
And in the later prose the world can indeed be unmistakably (which is to say, all too mistakably) evil.