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Synonyms for misstate



Synonyms for misstate

to give an inaccurate view of by representing falsely or misleadingly

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state something incorrectly

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"Various articles and blogs have appeared misstating that Trail Boss is a blackpowder/muzzleloading-type propellant.
They also noted that misstating capital positions of these institutions would be especially harmful at a time when "an accurate picture of the capital adequacy of the banking system is crucial."
It also revealed that it had been misstating a line in John McCain's bio for at least a dozen years.
Merge Healthcare has admitted to misstating its earnings from contracts that contain both a license of software and support services dating back to 2004 and received written notice of a NASDAQ Staff Determination stating that the company failed to file a recent quarterly report on time.
Dublin-based Ryanair was recently accused of misstating taxes and airport passenger fees on its European routes.
Tod's comments on the matter were made after a report in British newspaper The Daily Telegraph that Ryanair could face a European Union investigation into alleged misstating of taxes and airport passenger fees on European routes.
Wetzheim for his kind words, and my apologies for misstating that diuretics are over-the-counter medications.
These tactics can include a deluge of faxes and other correspondence designed to be confusing, confrontational and accusatory--even to the point of misstating conversations between the claimant and claims professional.