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Synonyms for misstate



Synonyms for misstate

to give an inaccurate view of by representing falsely or misleadingly

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state something incorrectly

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The objective in an audit of financial statements is to determine whether they are free of material misstatement, regardless of whether that misstatement is intentional or not; in other words, a fraud examiner's priority is proving the nature and extent of a particular fraud, but an auditor's focus is detecting material misstatements.
Seattle Bank had accused Bank of America of making misstatements and omitting information about the quality of mortgages underpinning the securities.
Supreme Court held that the 40% penalty for a gross valuation misstatement applied when the partnerships at issue had been determined to be shams that lacked economic substance, and, as a result, the partners' outside basis in the partnerships was zero (Woods, No.
Because there were no valid partnerships for tax purposes, the IRS determined that the partners could not claim a basis for their partnership interests greater than zero and that any resulting tax underpayments would be subject to a 40% penalty for gross valuation misstatements under Secs.
In challenging Basic, the Halliburton defense is asserting that this theory and the related presumption that all plaintiffs relied on the company's alleged material misstatements should not stand.
We have adopted a new approach, which is, we do not leave any misstatement or inaccuracy unanswered," The Nation quoted Clinton, as saying.
Understanding the Entity and Its Environment and Assessing the Risks of Material Misstatement: Supersedes AU Section 314, Understanding the Entity and Its Environment and Assessing the Risks of Material Misstatement
misstatements, or misstatements in a company's financial reports.
The CPA links these risks of financial statement misstatement due to fraud to audit procedures designed to detect the misstatements.
The effectiveness of audit analytical procedures in identifying financial statement misstatements has been studied from a variety of perspectives.
107 are accomplished by one user, these should understand that an auditor should be considered guilty only in the case of audit failure, this meaning that the audit report contains an opinion where significant misstatements were not detected and "the judgement of a reasonable person relying on the information would have changed or influenced by the omission or misstatement" (ICAEW, Accounting Recommendation 2.
After assessing the risks of material misstatements, the auditor develops a response to the risks.
These errors would have resulted in misstatements in the BIF, SAIF, and FRF financial statements.
The new SAS expands on the responsibility of auditors to supervise lower level staff, emphasizing that the "auditor with final responsibility" communicate and discuss the susceptibility of the client's financial statements to fraud-related misstatements.