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Synonyms for misstate



Synonyms for misstate

to give an inaccurate view of by representing falsely or misleadingly

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state something incorrectly

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However, based on prior research related to judgment and decision-making theory, we expected auditors would not revise plans unless management had an explicit incentive to misstate financial results.
The tax law provides limited protection to taxpayers whose spouses intentionally misstate their joint tax liabilities.
com/truth-o-meter/lists/people/comparing-hillary-clinton-donald-trump-truth-o-met/) tracking the candidates' statements for veracity and concluded Trump misstates facts far more often than Clinton.
For instance, Mann illustrates a short discussion of serious staphylococcal infections with the case of the puppeteer Jim Henson (who actually died of a fulminant group A streptococcal pneumonia); he misstates the name of the first neuraminidase inhibitor to be marketed for influenza infections (the drug is zanamivir, not anamivir, and warrants nowhere near the degree of enthusiasm lavished on it); he warns that the major toxicity of the tetracycline family of drugs is copious gastrointestinal blood loss (upset, yes; bleeding, no).
Luxon's Platonic account of Calvinist ontology, on which he bases his arguments, misstates reformed theology by ignoring related Christian doctrines that comprise what reformers might have called "the whole counsel of God" - doctrines (like sanctification) that invest history with meaning and so complicate bipolarity.
The American Reliable settlement agreement, in our view, grossly misstates the current law of California on important issues of aagent vs.