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pronounce a word incorrectly

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Immediately afterwards, Alex Storr, the party's deputy chairman-elect, said Mr Forbes had misspoken.
But Yang said last week that she had misspoken, declining further comment.
Sticks and stones can break our bones Words misspoken = trust (hearts) broken
I recommend men all over the region try the Misspoken line the next time they're captured.
Jerry Pennington warned about John McCain and his misspoken words, referring to "confusion.
Yet a person who can still pop out perfect 15 second sound bites every time, never a word misspoken.
When DeGeneres said that "we can't rely on our schools to teach our babies because our schools aren't doing such a good job," she must have misspoken.
In his essay "A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs," Davidson looks at the interpretation of malapropisms and other misspoken expressions on the basis of "passing theories of meaning.
If people could only know that no matter what the struggle, silence is more piercing, more destructive than a misspoken word or awkward gesture.
Withdrawing his TV remarks Portillo said: "I seem to have misspoken.
A few days earlier, White House spokesma, Robert Gibbs acknowledged he had misspoken when he said President Ahmadi-nejad had been re-elected, implying the United States accepted the election as fair.
There's still boring old English, of course, all 2 million superfluous words of it, however painfully they're misspoken or misspelled.
I did not and do not defend Akin's misspoken comments," the post said.