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They sent another fax but misspelt the name of my agent so I said, 'I'm not talking with you any more
The misspelt pub sign outside the Newborough Arms in Bontnewydd, main, and revised version (inset)
We do laser tattoo removal here and we spend a lot of time trying to fix dodgy tattoos; everything from bad language to misspelt names.
Internet authorities are also cracking down on so-called "typosquatters", who register misspelt domain names.
As a starting point, Dr Smith puts forward some words that are most commonly misspelt by his students.
It doesn't give a very good impression when prominent signs like this have misspelt words.
Be wary of products with low quality packaging, no logo or misspelt brand names.
Clues to fakes include Spanish writing on the rear label, a fake lot code L04P24878342 at the back of a front label, the word "distillers" in the Royal Warrant statement misspelt as "Distilleries", and no "E" mark on the base between the 700ml and 73mm mark.
Last year, Saffron Waldon became Saffron Walden after his success in the Irish 2,000 Guineas, an alteration made because connections had misspelt the name of the Essex town.
A TRAFFIC sign which misspelt Cerddwyr, the Welsh word for walkers or pedestrians, caused amusement for shoppers in Llandudno at the weekend.
I've never really seen it being misspelt though because I am not aware of it - Angela Elliot, 44, a housewife from North Ormesby It is probably a bit of ignorance really but I have never noticed it.
BOOTS the chemist was left red faced after it misspelt a sign in Welsh on a new store.
London, November 10 (ANI): British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was said to have been involved in a phone bust-up with the mother of a dead soldier, whose name he misspelt in a handwritten letter.
The misspelt word will have a line through it and the reader will be directed to where they can find the right spelling.