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Synonyms for mission

Synonyms for mission

a diplomatic office or headquarters in a foreign country


an assignment one is sent to carry out

an inner urge to pursue an activity or perform a service

Synonyms for mission

an organization of missionaries in a foreign land sent to carry on religious work

the organized work of a religious missionary

Related Words

a group of representatives or delegates

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If you refuse this mission which has been offered to you, I shall detain you here until I have the means of sending you under escort to France."
"So I supposed: you could hardly have accepted such a mission otherwise."
"Monsieur, I discharged my mission faithfully: I put the Count's arguments, I stated his offers, without adding any comment of my own.
You can imagine that he would not have sent a stranger on such a mission."
"And yet," said Milady, with a persistence that proved she wished to see clearly to the end of the mission with which she was about to be charged, "if he persists?"
Speaking personally, I have to record that I was rendered incapable of performing my professional duties in less than a week from the time when the mission reached its destination.
Your pretext of a political mission is, of course, an absurd one, but fortunately you have fallen into good hands.
The governor, who arrived at California to expel them, and to take charge of the country, expected to find a rich and powerful fraternity, with immense treasures hoarded in their missions, and an army of Indians ready to defend them.
There are about twenty-one missions in this province, most of which were established about fifty years since, and are generally under the care of the Franciscans.
The produce of the lands, and all the profits arising from sales, are entirely at the disposal of the priests; whatever is not required for the support of the missions, goes to augment a fund which is under their control.
Canada: As a learning organization, we welcome the opportunity to align with industry best practices and continually challenge ourselves to keep moving the bar higher, said Randy Lockwood, Senior Vice President, Pickering Nuclear, Ontario Power Generation, which hosted an OSART mission in 2016 and a follow-up mission in 2018.
Japan has currently completed two successful missions, orbiter Hiten in 1990 (semi-successful) and combined orbiter and impactor mission Kaguya in 2007.
On the sixth, cancelled NASA mission, a rover constructed by the Slovak RoboTech Vision company was to travel with Musilovaacute on the mission.
The meeting was held at ECP headquarters with the EU Election Observation Mission. The meeting was chaired by Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan Babar Yaqoob Fateh Muhammad.
When Digital Missions Display installs your church mission display, their team will connect your computers to the mission display for remote access, brand the software with your church logo and colors, train the missions team in using the software, and create a drone video of the church along with a high definition roof inspection with a 4K camera.
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