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In the present instance Miss Pinkerton's "billet" was to the following effect:--
MADAM,--After her six years' residence at the Mall, I have the honour and happiness of presenting Miss Amelia Sedley to her parents, as a young lady not unworthy to occupy a fitting position in their polished and refined circle.
I beg your pardon,' faltered Miss Squeers; 'I thought my father was--or might be--dear me, how very awkward
He said about an hour,' replied Nicholas--politely of course, but without any indication of being stricken to the heart by Miss Squeers's charms.
I didn't think there was any danger," said Miss Carpenter, struggling with her tears.
Miss Wylie," said Miss Wilson, flushing slightly, "I must ask you to leave the room.
Say I am seventeen, and say that seventeen is young for the eldest Miss Larkins, what of that?
If Miss Honeychurch ever takes to live as she plays, it will be very exciting both for us and for her.
Mr Swiveller's conduct in respect to Miss Sophy having been of that vague and dilitory kind which is usuaully looked upon as betokening no fixed matrimonial intentions, the young lady herself began in course of time to deem it highly desirable, that it should be brought to an issue one way or other.
I'm not going to marry the best man in the world," retorted Miss Cornelia.
AND because the Mouse has teased Miss Moppet --Miss Moppet thinks she will tease the Mouse; which is not at all nice of Miss Moppet.
I thought you might have known Miss Emily's father," he persisted.
I like to froth it up for myself," she continued, addressing Miss Pink.
Deigning then to turn her eyes sideways towards the suppliant, Miss Potterson beheld him knuckling his low forehead, and ducking at her with his head, as if he were asking leave to fling himself head foremost over the half-door and alight on his feet in the bar.
Miss Ophelia's conscientiousness was ever on the alert.