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In previous years, I might have been inclined to discount or dismiss those findings, citing the behavioural research that shows that women tend to misremember the severity of their PMS symptoms.
And that's why I remember, or misremember, the blue jacket, or coat, or parka, so strongly: because in the midst of history this moment of literary arousal is so palpable.
peaceful moments with wind, beautiful enraged moments you misremember as
This knowledge can bias memory to a point where children misremember or distort information to make it fit their existing schema.
In this Article, I claim that judges and jurors unknowingly misremember case facts in racially biased ways.
A larger point is that Fry does not seem to allow for the possibility that narrators, individually or as a group, might misremember events, or that there may be patterns and thus meaning in how they misremember.
Even sticking to facts may not help: 'One may misremember; or, more disastrously, may obscure by words rendered meaningless by repetition, how things actually were'.
Ishiguro is quite obviously obsessed with the ways in which adults remember -- or, more accurately, nostalgically misremember -- their youths.
In Twilight of the Idols, a book that is to be a "declaration of war" but also a "wounding" of himself, he writes: "From the military school of life: whatever does not kill me makes me stronger." So part of our understanding of this aphorism has to do with why we want to misremember it.
The person remaining with the pet may misremember when the pet made its signal behaviour such that the inaccurate memory matches the time at which the owner set off to return home.
It's easy to forget things as time goes on and it's even easier to misremember events, facts, and details.
The results showed that with increasing severity of depression, a specific hindsight bias pattern emerged - exaggerated foreseeability and inevitability of negative (but not positive) event outcomes, as well as a tendency to misremember initial expectations in line with negative outcomes.
SLEEP-deprived people are more likely to misremember events and imagine events that did not happen.
I particularly liked The Night I Laid You Down, a duet where a couple misremember their first night together while clearly demonstrating the distance they've travelled from honeymoon phase to eyerolling over-familiarity, and a song that answers the age old question of whether women prefer nice guys or douchebags in which Courtney Jaye got to deliver the puerile punchline.
The more unhealthy their habits, the greater their tendency to misremember.