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misinterpretation caused by inaccurate reading

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Jun 22-Jul 22 CANCER YOU'LL be unexpectedly arrested this week when, due to a policeman misreading the sign outside your medical practice, you're nicked for being a psychotherapist.
Akinjide Akinleye sparked a major scandal in 2005 by misreading a fifth of the heart scans he carried out at a hospital in Bury.
The noncalorific natural sweetener was discovered after the simple misreading of an instruction, which called for lab staff to test a sugar compound.
Appearing in these pages for the third time in the past four years, Michael Colacurcio argues in his inimitable way that Ahab's defiant glare into godly hell-fire issues first from Melville's misreading of Hawthorne's Mosses from an Old Manse and second from a further, perhaps willful, misreading of the tale that finally took the title of "Ethan Brand.
This is a serious misreading of the temper of this nation.
It is an outrage that the school district would use money intended to serve the children of LAUSD to file a frivolous complaint based on a fundamental misreading of state law,'' James said.
And although not every abuse of Scripture is malicious, no misreading is completely innocuous.
Leeman can convincingly cite Twombly's rejection of that interpretive cliche inasmuch as the artist has indeed become increasingly tired of the misreading of his drawings as graffiti (ever since his first exhibition in Rome was compared by one critic to the defaced walls of Roman public toilets).
In the fourth and fifth cases, placement of the devices was bilateral, but on review, it turned out there was subsequent misreading of radiographic criteria.
JOHN'S -- Memorial University will not have to pay $800,000 for negligence to a former student who was investigated because of suspicion of child abuse, resulting from a misreading of a term paper.
The box was marked 'expedited' for quick delivery, but the good nuns, misreading the label, revered the relics and the veneration began.
Once Ippolito has defined reading, he turns to misreading and, more interestingly, to the fact that most of Flaubert's characters are represented as poor readers.
But Computer Weekly said the confidential report had, in fact, categorised the misreading of screen displays as safetyrelated issues.
The three justices on the appeals panel called the NLRB's ruling "preposterous," "a stunning misreading of applicable precedent," "utterly without merit," and "absurd.
Misreading signals is often a subconscious decision to avoid the real issue--a.