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an incorrect quotation


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opposed to the toxic misquotation, suggests a very different line of
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an slammed Turkish newspaper HE-rriyet on Tuesday over an alleged misquotation of remarks made during an interview aired live late on Sunday, saying the daily first distorted his words and then removed its report.
"Such groundless rumours were based on a misquotation of an official who was just giving an example of a possible violation that may happen and what to do in such case."
Unfortunately, a careful reading of Hensley's book reveals it to be a history marred by mistakes ranging from minor to very serious, misquotation and misrepresentation of documents, and subtle displays of his extreme dislike of the legislation and everything associated with it.
The book Curnow refers to is nature, and the oxymoronic 'accurate misquotation' of nature became a central concern in much of his later work.
Isaiah 7:14b-LXX at Matthew 1:23 is a mistranslation and misquotation of Hebrew Isaiah 7:14b.
Adel Al-Tabtabie criticized Saturday the much-circulated misquotation of a political analysis, he had published in a book in 1994, by some people on social networking websites aimed at creating confusion among nationals.
IPCC head Rajendra Pachauri dismissed the glacier-melt skepticism as "school boy science," but embarrassingly, it turned out that the IPCC's own glacier guesstimate was based on a popular science magazine's 1999 misquotation of a researcher.
In the former category, she illustrates the subtle narrative technique of deliberate "misquotation" on the part of the novelists Austin Clarke and V.S.
The same battle gave rise to the term "thin red line"--a misquotation of the Times' description of the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders' heroic stand in the face of Russian cavalry as a "thin red streak tipped with a line of steel."
However, the newspaper said on Tuesday that the figure was a misquotation and it would correct its story.
Cable said: "Well it was a misquotation. I was talking about child tax credit."
Misquotation and misinterpretation by anti-Israel bloggers prompted a counter blog by the conservative author Max Boot.
I had to write, however, to point out that the review contains a not-insignificant misquotation. The review applauds our distinction between Natural Family Planning and contraception and quotes page 94 as saying: "NFP alters one's lifestyle to accommodate the nature of sex, while artificial contraception alters the nature of one's lifestyle." It should read: "NFP alters one's lifestyle to accommodate the nature of sex, while artificial contraception alters the nature of sex to accommodate one's lifestyle" (emphasis added).