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pronounce a word incorrectly

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In a speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), he mispronounced the name of the country Namibia as 'Nambia.
He mispronounced words as he marched down the aisles, saying
Bstar, 42, who had her name mispronounced by JOHN TRAVOA LTA this year - is offA out of the running to reprisrole of Elphaba in the big sversion.
Melbourne, Feb 5 ( ANI ): February has been found to be the most mispronounced month.
But rather than take a cheap shot at Kinnear, Cabaye was respectful to Newcastle officials - despite being pressed on Kebabgate when the Toon's controversial football chief mispronounced his name on radio last August.
He misused the word literally and mispronounced etcetera.
But, then, you'd think folks would have "Oregon" down by now and it's still routinely mispronounced despite the state having been around 134 years longer than the 20-year-old Mariota.
A single word mispronounced or mistranslated can become something highly offensive to your audience.
Misspelled words, the mispronounced, Some off the tongue come unannounced.
The boffin sat crimsonfaced as the posh chairwoman mispronounced Guy Fawkes' name to the point her plummy introduction constantly made reference to the F-word.
EVE Myles may have made a name for herself as feisty straight-talking alien-buster Gwen Cooper - but admits she came a cropper when she mispronounced the name of one of Hollywood's biggest stars.
When tennis was introduced in England, it was mispronounced love.
1, 3 ("can" accented wrongly), and 5, where "one" was accented and mispronounced as "wan.
Doerr (cultural anthropology, Brookdale Community College) investigates such questions as why European-descent parents criticized the program as "separatist," why parents viewed the lack of Maori representation in the non-bilingual unit upper-track class as a sign of Maori underachievement, how and with what effects bilingual students treated teachers that mispronounced the Maori language, and the effects of staging cultural dances at the school.
Nearly one in four have mispronounced a client's name or referred to a client by the wrong name; to deal with the situation at hand, 64% apologised profusely to the client while 3% turned bright red and ran away.