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pronounce a word incorrectly

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It is called Lamorlaye as English speakers could mispronounce Chantilly, Longchamp or Saint-Cloud.
The Film 2000 host will mispronounce an 'r' as a 'w' to deliver the line "The
And if you think I'm going to sit around all day hoping one of the BBC commentators will mispronounce the name of a certain German skier, you are very much mistaken.
Why does he constantly mispronounce players' names?
The 59-year-old seemed to mispronounce a number of lyrics halfway through his rendition.
Although I am becoming familiar with the Hindi words through practice sessions, I am still a little worried that I may mispronounce a word during the final performance," StarOnline quoted her as saying.
A slip of the tongue on Monday morning saw the Radio 4 presenter unfortunately mispronounce Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt's surname as the C-word.
Call me "Taffy", emulate an accent or mispronounce a word, I'll smile.
In fact, the veteran actor presenter in the 86th Academy Awards did not just mispronounce Menzel's name, he called someone else entirely, and no one has heard of that name either.
She was referring to a joke made by a comic earlier in the evening, and followed it with: 'I'm one of those English people who will mispronounce parts of Scotland - sorry.
Dramatic scenes unintentionally turn comedic when actors mispronounce words or struggle in delivering their English lines
I write this with levity as I have been blas about the fact that people mispronounce my name, although in high school I wondered why my parents did not give me a name that is simpler and more common: Carlo, Charles, Mark, Peter, Paul, John, etc.
Maintain the flow If your child mispronounces a word do not interrupt immediately.
In the skit, the popular actor reprises his role as mustached hero Ron Burgundy and purposely mispronounces the Taoiseach's name.
Querent mispronounces, his honey lisp, his has-to-know, his hands deep in their browning skin intractable at the frontier.