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pronounce a word incorrectly

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I even mispronounce their city, Los Angelees, to rhyme with peas.
Teri Polo, KaDee Strickland and Sarah Jones portray the sisters on the show; other cast members attending include the rather cute but also ickily monikered Missi Pyle (the first name, so perky and feminine, yet mispronounce it in full just a smidgen and the result sounds like you've been tromping through a poorly managed dog park).
It is called Lamorlaye as English speakers could mispronounce Chantilly, Longchamp or Saint-Cloud.
The Film 2000 host will mispronounce an 'r' as a 'w' to deliver the line "The
The 59-year-old seemed to mispronounce a number of lyrics halfway through his rendition.
Apart from ITV pundit Bobby Robson's tendency to mispronounce the names of footballers so well known their fame transcends the sport, the most striking feature of the World Cup to date has been the reluctance of referees to wave yellow and red cards.
Although I am becoming familiar with the Hindi words through practice sessions, I am still a little worried that I may mispronounce a word during the final performance," StarOnline quoted her as saying.
A slip of the tongue on Monday morning saw the Radio 4 presenter unfortunately mispronounce Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt's surname as the C-word.
People keep pronouncing it wrong though, if it's mispronounced it sounds like the way English people mispronounce Mair.
Why does he constantly mispronounce players' names?
They thought the commentators might mispronounce it.
Call me "Taffy", emulate an accent or mispronounce a word, I'll smile.
Do people normally mispronounce your name I've been called everything from Bubble to Bugle and Bigable.
They saw him mispronounce words and phrases, and get rattled and defensive on several occasions during the 90-minute discussion dominated by Iraq.