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Synonyms for misplay

(baseball) a failure of a defensive player to make an out when normal play would have sufficed

play incorrectly, e

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play wrong or in an unskillful manner

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Third, those misplays that James has identified, which include a much more appropriate range of bad play than the current category of errors.
The first is to replace the concept of an error with a "defensive misplay" (or DME).
offers a masterful, nuanced survey of the controversies and of the political power plays in Eastern and Western Christendom, including Leo's own misplays that created the crises that would dominate his pontificate.
Defensive misplays in the final 20 minutes hammered the final nails in the Giants coffin.
And there are the ordinary sky events that the press often misplays.
As for the rest of the game, Anaheim (33-21-12) took a 4-0 lead in under 27 minutes, mostly because of horrendous coverage or misplays by Jordan Oesterle, Duncan Keith and Brandon Saad.
In the third inning, Quebec scored an unearned run with two outs after Alex Nunez singled and came around on Ivan Naccarata's hit and an error by Giusti, the first of four Worcester misplays.
The four-hour marathon in front of 3,068 who had their emotions drained included three home runs by the Beavers to build their five-run advantage, but four costly errors by OSU - not including a couple of misplays that were officially ruled as hits - and four hit batters contributed greatly to USC's comeback.
Clement homered to start the rally, then the Beavers made misplays to allow the next two runners reach base.
West Side tied the game in the bottom of the first on an RBI groundout by Flynn, but East Side regained the lead in the top of the fourth thanks to some misplays by the West Side defense.
Misplays by Murphy and Michal Kempny led to Anaheim's first 2 goals in the Ducks' 3-2 victory Thursday.
"Defensively, we had a couple misplays and let them score that second run," St.