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Synonyms for misplay

(baseball) a failure of a defensive player to make an out when normal play would have sufficed

play incorrectly, e

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play wrong or in an unskillful manner

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And here's the thing (and to remove this totally from the settlement question itself): The Obama administration misplayed this one, badly.
Mark Garside opened the scoring at the 13 minute mark of the first period when the Stingrays goaltender Christian Boucher misplayed the puck behind his own net and passed it directly to Brett Hemingway, who then passed it out front for Garside to fire it into the open net.
Carter then won a scrappy second frame beforeWilliams got on the scoreboard thanks to a lucky shot, a misplayed safety that instead set him up for the final red and a shot at the black which he took.
Mr Porritt said politicians and the environmental lobby had "misplayed" the way they promote the low-carbon economy to the general public - and instead of focusing on climate change, the UK should follow Germany's lead and concentrate on how the transition could bring tangible economic benefits.
The story's scope remains small and, as a musical and a film, a note is rarely misplayed. The guy and the girl--they don't have names, an oddity that is only realized when forced to do something like review the film--start the small musical journey (she is a classically trained pianist) of learning each other's stories and collaborating on a few songs.
John White, 32, a telecommunications engineer and Aston Villa fan, of Eaglescliffe, Middlesbrough, said Newcastle had misplayed the transfer game.
But a couple of equally memorable characters showed up in Benny, the dimwitted handyman played with a sort of loveable vulnerability by Paul Henry, and the spirit of Acorns Antiques, Amy Turtle, the motel's Mrs Mopp mainly misplayed, by Brummie- born Ann George.
The regional phone companies also may have misplayed broadband.
Many agreed that the game was being misplayed, maybe by everyone, but that finger pointing would not solve the problem.
It misplayed the placing of Washington University, calling it tied for 13th and correcting it to 12th the next day, but not mentioning that it was tied with the University of Chicago.
One school of thought strongly believes that the Clinton administration has misplayed Netanyahu since he assumed power, missing opportunities to induce him to emulate the role of Menachem Begin at Camp David.
LBJ ignored or misplayed peace overtures from Ho Chi Minh; the pacification program was disorganized, and the administration always tried to downplay Vietnam and emphasize the Great Society at home.
On a more positive note that researchers say could turn out as misplayed, Los alamos scientists doing cold-fusion studies have observed higher-than-expected levels of the possible fusion by-product tritium during an experiment, a suggestive but inconclusive sign that fusion reactions may be responsible.
Almora also helped out on defense, making a strong throw home in the fifth to hold Curtis Granderson at third after he led off with a double, advancing to third when Jason Heyward misplayed the ball in right field.
class="MsoNormalIn a blog post on Thursday, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) said Somalia's government had "misplayed its hand" by deciding to auction oil and gas exploration blocks in Indian Ocean waters also claimed by Kenya.